Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Grim Times

Two good columns today, one from Derek Jackson at the Boston Globe on "The Death of Public Education" and another from CEE's own Michael Moore at the Savannah Morning News on "Merit Pay for Parents."
And, on the same theme, more news from Florida.
(One thought about the moves to undermine teacher tenure occurring in Florida and elsewhere: I usually assume that attacks on the teaching profession are at least partly about union-busting. But isn't it likely that teachers who are deprived of the due process protections offered by tenure will turn elsewhere for such protections? Could this end up reinvigorating the unions in education?)

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Michael Moore said...

t is no good news for teachers out there. The Florida mess will have lasting repercussions. This means wholesale teaching to the test...not even pretending. And with the common standards right around the corner and the lurking menace of a national test, remind me again why I was so glad to see democrats back in office and a democratic president?