Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Check out the very interesting article about Teach for America in this month's Rethinking Schools.

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Michael Moore said...

Actually, the article's style eventually won me over though at first I wasn't up for all the late night St. Louis misty driving (don't tell my narrative inquiry colleagues). TFC or Peace Core for teachers here in the US and the analogy works if one considers Houston a third world country (I do) as well as parts of just about anywhere in the deep south.

I tended to agree with the "band-aid" people and the lack of evidence that supports TFA as being of any real value except as scabs in the next year or so when teachers get the heave-ho. It's all about the marketing. So Wachovia/Wells Fargo lists TFA as a charity I find that precious. I can think of several schools right around me that qualify as charities too.

One development i have been following is that TFA has been studying a few of the teachers who apparently are achieving huge results. I find this off interest and the articles I've read seem in line with what I know about good teachers.

Don, forgive my flights of hyperbole but I suspect you and I are the only ones reading these.