Friday, April 09, 2010

More on Florida

From the Associated Press, via Education Week:
Conservatives Hail Fla. Teacher Bill as Model

Business interests as well as most Republicans backed the bill that was opposed by teachers and their unions, local school officials and Democrats.

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I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts from Florida CEE members about this.

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Anonymous said...

Florida is the reason I think congressional government is failing. I am of the opinion now that state legislators and federal legislators should be drafted. The government pays you your salary for your regular job and maybe a bit extra and it's like jury duty. We might actually get some thoughtful people in government. Could any of us run for public office? I doubt it...most of us are working too damn hard.

My other thought is to make Florida a territory kind of like the Yukon. If they pass this mess they shouldn't be a state..since they only touch a couple places on their north one would miss them, really.