Friday, March 19, 2010

Changing Charters

Two interesting pieces about charter schools: SUNY is closing one and questions are being asked about what's being taught in two others in California. Given Secretary Duncan's emphasis on charters, these stories are getting more important. Are you placing student teachers in charters? Is your institution operating a charter? What influence are charters having on your work?


Bill Teale said...

I am implementing our UIC0Early Reading First program in three different charter schools in the Chicago Public Schools system. We are working in 5 pre-K classrooms altogether. In terms of teachers I noticed quite a range with respect to knowledge and actual teaching. With respect to administration and leadership, the schools are all over the map, especially with the boards/directors/management companies that run them. One year the principals at every one of the schools was replaced. Thus, the schools, like businesses, are nimble. But nimble has its ups and downs.

Overall, what I have seen is virtually as great a range from 'good' to 'bad' as in the public schools I have worked with across the country.

Don Zancanella said...

Bill--Thanks for commenting. Good hearing from you.