Thursday, September 06, 2007

NCLB and More NCLB

Here's an update from Education Week's David Hoff on the back-and-forth that's been going on between Ed. Secretary Spellings and Congressman Miller about NCLB reauthorization. It sounds as though Miller is sticking to his support for multiple measures (part of NCTE's legislative platform). Notice also that the last paragraph of Hoff's post says the rest of the Miller-McKeon discussion draft, including the parts that address Reading First and teacher quality, will be out today.

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Michael Moore said...

There's lots to recommend this piece. The important message is that while we haven't bothered with health care, poverty, school aged pregnancies and so on, on a social level we have asked schools to be all our social agencies we don't offer.
Also, good 'ol Diane Ravitch in responding to the privatization of schools asks what secrets are out there that business hasn't told the schools and then asks for the logical connection between privatization and quality education. Remember, Georgia hired as its chief education officer for the university system school, a guy who used to run a communications company in Canada. We are now offering masters programs called "franchises" I am not making this up.